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Originally created to carry "fun stuff for runners (AND non-runners) everywhere," A Is For Arlene now holds a slew of different items! NEW COLLECTION: The DRB Collection by Disroebounder! For those of you planning magical trips or simply magical days, this is the collection for you. 8:D New Kids on the Block fans -- thank you for your purchases over the years from The Right Stuff collection, where 10% of each sale that has been made will go to The Rose ( I will be closing this section down for now. As soon as I get the final donation amount, I will list that here. Runners, walkers, and fans -- thank you for supporting my fundraising efforts for The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society over the past 10 years. With your help, I was able to raise almost $500 for the organization. This section will remain open, but please keep in mind that proceeds will no longer be going towards fundraising for LLS. Please note that all T-shirts are available in sizes for men, ladies, kids, and babies. Simply click on "Select a different shirt style" to choose different sizes, styles, and colors. Also, almost all of the items have been converted to a customizable format, allowing you to select different background colors and to add other text, such as names, dates, etc. May 5, 2009 -- Swag Bag's "A Whale of a Tale" shirt from our Seven Seas collection was featured on Zazzle's "Today's Best" list! Hooray!
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