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Willow's Bluegrass & More
A random assortment of things.
Wilson, North Carolina, Estados Unidos
I started this shop because, frankly, I have student loan debt, and was having a hard time finding a job in this area. It's a very rural area; not many places for people like me whose experience is in customer service and office jobs. Originally, I planned for it to be a "niche" shop -- I'd always wanted to make tee shirts and bumper stickers and such for bluegrass fans and musicians, because I am a bluegrass bass player, and I grew up in the middle of a bluegrass family. When I was a kid, for a while I thought I wanted to be an artist, but though I tried drawing, and painting with oils, and toyed with pastels a bit, none of that was really what I was looking for. Then, when I started designing things here, and saw all the things I could make, and saw all the neat stuff that other people were making, I realized it was going to be bluegrass, "and more." I'm much better with a computer than I am with paints or pencils. So I just kind of went crazy. As you'll see if you noodle about in my shop for a while, I'm definitely NOT an artist. I'm a designer. I love making tees and such that make people laugh, but, I also love things like taking old vintage illustrations and turning them into patterns and presenting them in ranges of colors that I like. I'm not trendy. Most of the time I don't even know what the trends ARE. I just play around with patterns and colors until I come up with something I love, and then I post it, in hopes that someone else will love it too. I also have a selection of my photography, and my wonderful husband's photography. Plus a few weird "abstracts." In 2013 I was diagnosed with stage IIIc breast cancer, and to be honest, I STILL haven't really gotten back into the swing of things here with my Zazzle shop, but I'm trying to now. Partly because I miss it (it's fun!) and partly because of that student loan debt. I'm also always still shocked and very appreciative each and every time I make a sale! No kidding! Thanks for visiting!
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Oak Island, NC
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