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Kalispell, Montana
*My artwork reflects the world of color without rules. My art is dedicated to each person, inspired by their name, in an expression of color. Each newborn painting is named after a male or female given name. Each name reflects strength, emotions, and beauty. *My love of blunt, bright colors is an expression of me, which comes with each individual’s name. Each piece is a type of controlled chaos. Seemingly without rules, but blending together to form a provocative whole. *Each artwork is made with acrylic paint with soft to medium. The paintings also receive unconventional twists such as: sparkles from makeup or patterns from feathers, etc. *The type of art is called Monotypia. My learning doesn’t stop here, I continue learning and enhancing my skills through hard work since I was 6 year old. The love of color was inherited from my physician grandmother Romualda, whose name is also one of my paintings. *Inspired by colors, I pour my passion into my art which is reflected in the power of the names we give to those that we love most.
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