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"Beauty in things exists in the mind which contemplates them" -D.Hume
Ohio, United States
Welcome to "whatawonderfulworld" Zazzle store. You will find your time here to be a serendipitous experience. You are apt to feel surprise at finding things you never expected to find but are glad you did. There is always something new at Zazzle stores. That's because new products are introduced almost weekly. The designs on these products will not be your cookie-cutter type designs. ( (TIP: click on "products" or "all products" and then in the "sort" column, choose "newest" to see most recent designs) And you, the customer can actually participate in the designing of the products if you so wish. Most things found here are at least partially customizable and able to be personalized. Each product's page contains the tools for doing so and any questions can be answered with a phone call to Zazzle. The main thing to keep in mind (after you hit, "customize") is to keep your text and important parts of your design within the red-dotted lines and to extend the rest of it to the bleed line (solid red line). Of course, you might choose to keep the design intact as is. That is fine as well. There always seems to be a sale going on at Zazzle so check back often or sign up for email alerts. Savings can also be had by buying in certain quantities. There's a drop-down chart on individual product pages where you can check price breaks and quantity required for discounts. Also, to save significantly on shipping costs, sign up for Zazzle Black, a flat rate for an entire year of shipping costs. There is even a free trial period (cancel within the trial period if not interested in continuing and opt out of automatic renewal if that is not your preference). Lastly, I invite you to check out our other Zazzle store , There you will find more interesting and fun things just waiting to be discovered by you! Thanks for stopping by!
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