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Gifts in Poetic Verse
Virginia, United States
Welcome to VersesByDiannaP! Illuminate the magic of poetry while selecting your favorite keepsake. Whether expressing dreams, pursuing your destiny, soothing a tearful moment, offering encouragement or sharing a laugh, poetry promotes an explosion of emotions. Share its timelessness with a friend or loved one. Items of inspiration, reflections, graduation, gifts, special occasions and events are available. Find the perfect gift from crafted throws, mugs, home décor, and more. I am a poet, speaker, and author. It is riveting to be able to share my poems on the incomparable craftsmanship of Zazzle products. I trust they will touch your heart; stirrup a smile; or cast a dream each time you read the words accompanying your special gift. If you have a special gift idea or wish one of my poems to be included, please contract me. Additional items will be forthcoming from my future collections, so keep checking back. Thank you. Dr. P. Diann B. Clark, VersesByDiannaP
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