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London, United Kingdom
A store dedicated to cool (and cute) cartoon characters. Whilst most designs were originally designed for kids' products, they do look good on more "grown up" products too. Cartoon characters look great in full colour, however they also look awesome in monochrome or black and white too. Consequently, all of my cartoon characters are available in both full colour and monochrome - so there is something for everyone. Whilst I would like to include each and every character on every single product available from Zazzle it is impossible, however If you see a cartoon character you like and want it on a specific Zazzle product please do let me know (either by email ( or leave a comment) and I will be only too pleased to sort it out - I have the original of all the cartoon characters in my store so it is not a problem.
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Angry gorilla
Angry shark
Asian Elephant
Baby duck
Black poodle
Blood hound
Blue elephant
Blue Whale
Brown Bear
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