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Roanoke, Virginia
Rustic country chic in French and English farmhouse country prim style. Get an instant vintage feel, perfect for your everyday life with paper collage, old book, and classic letting designs! All these art designs tell a life story from vintage or 1800s country-house inspired pieces for a perf home life, on the go electronic, iphone 6 cases, ipads, accessories, home decor, and more for the unorthodox lifestyle. Take a look around my stores; Have fun and create your very own personalized stocking stuffers, accessory for your cottage sanctuary, or gifts for the vintage lover in your life! Don't Forget! Fabulous Zazzle deals are provided daily! see the coupon codes above this shops banner. Put the home back in your home decor! Sincerely, May of TimelessManePatterns Need to ask Zazzle a question? Zazzle/Customer service: 1 (888) 892-9953 Or see this page:
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