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So...a little about me??? Ok, so I'm 30 Years old (just) and since I can remember I've always loved making things straight from my mind, having fun and being creative-be it in clothes, crafts, or art... I do however have Ehlers Danlos Syndrome Type 3 or for short EDS (which means I'm in chronic pain 24/7) soooo when I say I put everything in to every single piece of work-I really do mean it!! Perhaps not the blood, but certainly the pain, sweat and tears haha 😊. All it means is that I may take slightly longer than I'd like to when creating, but it also means I have passion and plenty of it! I have named my shop after my beautiful daughter Tiana Lilly aged 3, she gives me so much strength and so much love to carry my passion on to make her proud!! I adore every single thing I create especially any commissioned work I happily receive. I may have a painful body but I have a creative mind, passion and a happy heart! 💓
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