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The Gift of Sass
Yes, I can behave. No, I'm not going to!
NC, United States
You can call me Sassy. I created this store for our inner smartass. I'm here to have fun while creating my art. I feel like too many folks take everything way too serious, they want to get politically correct and get offended. If you are that type, you just may not want to go to my store. Now, don't get it twisted, those of us that are Sassy, still like to be classy too. While I offer funny, sarcastic, naughty items, I also have some beautiful designs that you can use for home decor. Just a few of my products are leggings, ties, magnets, coffee mugs, steins, playing cards, greeting cards, pillows, blankets & tea sets! My rating goes from G to rated R. Don't worry, when you get to the items the safe filter is on, if you want to see the other items you have to change that filter. So, come on into my store and see out what I have and check often because I'm adding items weekly if not daily! Have a Sassy day!
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