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The Frog Factory.
Fun cartoons, silliness and inspiration from the creative pond!
Perth, Western Australia, Austrália
Thanks for dropping by my pad! The Frog Factory is a collection of original, quirky, funny cartoons and inspirational quotes to jump start your day. Looking for a crazy frog cartoon? a silly bird or something cute and whimsical? They are all here, straight from the creative pond. Choose from T shirts, bags, cards, towels, blankets, caps, mugs, party items and more! The best thing is that you can change the designs to suit your taste. Add your own name or the name of a loved one, change colours, add your own text and make your item special! New designs are added regularly so don’t forget to bookmark us and drop by often. See a design you like but want it on another item? Yes you can! Simply choose the design and customise! You are also welcome to contact me if you would like me to create something too. Enjoy browsing my store! Mark. About Me. I discovered Zazzle a few years back when I was looking for a way to share my artistic humour and supplement my income. I love to see the silly side of life and so much of my work is cartoon style inspired by the ocean, Australian countryside and experiences I had there. Right now I live in the city, but I still get to visit those quieter places from time to time and carry a sketch pad with me to scribble down ideas in breaks between my day job supporting older people in the community. After a long period of time doing other projects, I have returned with new ideas and a determination to create more happy, fun designs that people will be proud to wear or put in their homes. My dream? To learn, do more of this and become a full time Zazzler.
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