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The Barkley Store
Official Barkley Shiba Merchandise
Ontario, Canadá
Barkley the Shiba Inu became quite well known through his much loved and viral video, "Barkley's New Boots" on YouTube. He has a very active presence through his Facebook page and has many fans and friends around the globe. Barkley is a "special needs" dog and has many chronic health issues. Due to a weakened immune system, he has a tendency towards sudden and often unexplained illnesses. In September 2015, Barkley was very sick with pancreatitis requiring 24-hour care for 6 days at a critical care animal hospital. During that stressful time, Barkley's friends and fans rallied together and donated money to help pay for his extensive medical bills. While he was still in-hospital, the Team Barkley logo was created (by Eric) and several friends/fans used it as their Facebook profile photo to show their love and support for the little guy. We have had several requests from people wishing to buy Team Barkley merchandise and other products with Barkley on them. We are opening this store with a small line of products to start, but plan to add more to it later, including seasonal items. So check back often! 100% of the money from sales will be donated to a Shiba Rescue group of our choice, and will be determined once there is a sufficient amount for a donation. *This about page will be updated with the names of the rescues once we've made a donation* PLEASE NOTE: If you live in Canada and wish to purchase your items in Canadian funds, here's the link to the store,
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