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Cape Town, Western Cape
Welcome to my 'The Awakening store'. I'm a visionary fiction novelist but think in pictures. I Love innovative design, graphics, art & crafts. This store was created in order to share the many images I designed for my blogs and for the articles on the topic of transformation, including the color-in projects that all belong to the science behind the Language of Light. I write articles for various websites like: Hubpages and Wikinut and many more posts on alternative topics can be read from my blog: The End of Times - Nadine May **** My - Just kidding - store It is here that I post all my past and present artworks, especially the leather work. I still have to do a lot of scanning, but now I had to start organizing my computer by creating files for the many images and photos I want to use for my designs. **** My- Kima Global Gifts - store An idea came to me one morning that I could use many of my book design covers and I format these for the Zazzle templates and at the same time promote the title of the book! I thought the authors would be my first customers! ...and they do like my efforts. *** Happy shopping!
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