Seu Carrinho
Creative by Design
Loxton, South Australia
I am graphic designer who loves bringing you fresh original digital designs. Many of my collections offer a variety of products so you can mix and match items for a united look. I have had my own graphic/website design business for 24 years and am enjoying seeing my designs being available on all sorted of cool products. I can be contacted at for any assistance with my designs. A BRIEF HISTORY After over 24 years in my own business as a graphic and website designer ( I'm starting to dabble in digital design for Print on Demand. I love seeing my designs come to life on products! Since a very young age, I've always had a desire to create or design things. Starting out in the early days of physically cutting and pasting images for a school magazine and church newsletters, I've seen the industry change immensley. Computer were a real game changer and I remember buying our first computer and using one of the first desktop publisher programs for creating logo and letterhead designs, and from there I grew with the times, learning as I went along, as I still do today! I love nothing more than meandering in a fabric or homewares store, looking at all the wonderful designs, all the time thinking, I'd love to design a cushion or tablecloth etc. That is now becoming a reality, albeit on a smaller scale with the ability to upload my original designs into marketplaces such as Zazzle. I hope you enjoy the designs I am creating, there are many more in the pipeline!
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