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Creating Type 1 diabetes awareness through cool swag
Los Angeles, CA
My daughter, Coral, was diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes on March 11, 2016 at 16-months of age. I would like to dedicate this store to her and the millions of other T1d's, especially those who are too young and need a voice to be heard. With my design experience, I hope to raise T1D awareness and educate both the general public and caregivers as my husband and I continuously adjust to our lives as D-Parents. He is a Physicist with a PhD and left the MRI research field to pursue a more stable career that allows us to be able to afford the best medical care possible for Coral and all her diabetic supplies. Like most T1dmoms, I exchanged a traditional career to stay home and take care of my child, acting as her broken pancreas - I'm on duty 24/7/365. Follow Coral's story on Instagram @seashell808_t1dmom for inspo, tips, and low carb snack & easy meal ideas. Select profits from T1dlife will go back to gifting other T1d families. The next giveaway happens when @type1diabetic_life reaches 500 followers on Instagram or $50 in Zazzle royalties - whichever comes first. Sending you all good glucose vibes! Stay strong. You are NOT alone. Warmest aloha, Shelsea + Coral
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Shelsea Deng