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Kelly Williamson -Sweetgrass Designs

Whimsical inspired watercolors and illustrations
Beaufort, SC, Estados Unidos
I owe my painting career to God and Clemson University. It may sound like a strange combination, but it's the truth. As an architecture student, we were required to take art classes, influencing and enhancing our design careers. After taking all the photography that was offered, I had to take a class in another medium. I chose pottery, and eagerly awaited the start of the class. I had taken some pottery at camp, and thought it seemed like an enjoyable and useful way to spend time. As the semester grew near, I was alerted that the class was overfilled, and I had been added to Painting 101. Initially, I tried to change the class, but after several attempts, I gave in. I had found a creative escape, and it was not to be in pottery. My future was to be with a paint brush in hand, just as God had planned it.
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