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Home of OrnaMENTALs™ Coloring Pages + Custom products by Sue Chastain
Florida, United States
SuziQ Creations offers custom products and gifts featuring designs by Sue Chastain. SuziQ Creations is the home of OrnaMENTALs™, Sue's line of therapeutic adult coloring books, pages, and ready-to-color products. Sue Chastain is a self-taught graphic designer, illustrator, and writer. She has an Associate of Science degree in Interior Design Technology. While studying interior design, she developed an interest in graphics software, and found that much of her interior design training could be applied to graphics and design. She has been teaching about graphics and creating graphic art for almost two decades. Her OrnaMENTALs™ coloring book series is available on Amazon. Feel free to contact Sue for custom designs and special requests.
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