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Little Heaven Workshop
"Digital Art" "Hand Painted"
Bristol England, Avon
Hello my name is Susie Hawkins, I am a Painter, Sculptor and Graphic designer. I paint mostly in Acrylics, but I use oils and other mediums too. Painting is my passion. I can totally immerse myself in my own world and create where I want to be, away from the hustle and bustle of city life. Predominantly a landscape artist for the past 14 years, I work from palette to canvas using no sketches and create straight from the mind. My sculptures are all made from 99% recycled materials. The 1% is the paint and glue that I buy. All made from household rubbish we would normally throw away. For example, plastic, cardboard, paper and tin cans. My aim is to show how you can recycle your waste in an interesting and creative way which is not only fun, but good for the environment too. I am also a graphic designer and have developed a little character I have nicknamed "Lalice" because of her size. My Youngest daughter models for me as Lalice and her larger counterpart Lauren. I am currently collaborating on a book about Lalice's adventures with another published author. I can be contacted direct via email at:
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Susie Hawkins
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