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Subliminal_Lithium Art and Design, not everyone wants happy trees!
Menifee, CA
This store is for those of you that like darker themed artwork. Digital Art is something that I have came to after doing traditional arts for years but now don't get a chance. I do mostly darker sexy work. I like to combine a darkness, fantasy, nightmare, gothic, and twisted themes with a decadent sexiness without trying to be too crude, bloody, or too offensive. I'm not a career artist but I have a deep love for all art across a broad spectrum with influences of my favorites from the Rennaissance , the Baroque like Caravaggio, to the Art Nouveau's Alphonse Mucha, and Playboy's pin-up masters like Varga, as well as vampire/goth/and horror masters/surrealist influences of various arts and artists. Enjoy.
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