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SterlingNights Home Decor
"Home is where one starts from." ~ T. S. Eliot
Gainesville, Florida
Geometric and Minimalist living room, outdoor, and bedroom throw pillows you will love! Printed pillows give you easy care items, that need no special washing to get them clean. They come in Dimensions: * 16" x 16" (square) * 20" x 20" (square) * Lumbar * Accent * Round * Body Fabric include: 100% grade A woven cotton * Fabric is made from natural fibers, which may result in irregularities * Hidden zipper enclosure; synthetic-filled insert included * Machine washable * Made in the USA Simplex knit fabric; 100% polyester; wrinkle-free * Zipperless option: Sewn shut enclosure; synthetic-filled insert included * Entire pillow is machine washable * Made in the USA Outdoor: * 100% polyester; wrinkle free, mildew resistant * Seams sewn shut; synthetic-filled insert included * Dry clean or spot clean only * Proudly made in the USA A little about me: I live in beautiful Florida USA. I am a digital artist that has been creating digital collage, illustrations, scrapbooking sheets, and prints on Etsy since 2008. Now I'm sharing my art and prints here at Zazzle!
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