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Smeraldo Gallery
Albert Smeraldo -Artist with Autism
Charlotte, North Carolina
Albert Smeraldo is a 18 year old talented young man who has been fascinated with the paintings of classical artists...particularly Vincent Van Gogh. Autism has enriched his and his family's life with a multitude of in being Albert's talent of his own interpretations of the classics. Please enjoy his joy! Thank you for visiting his store.
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"Mademoiselle Gachet in the Garden"
"Pink Peach Trees"
"Quay on the Barge"
"Crown Imperial Fritillaries"
"Fishing Boats" Interpretation
"Starry Night on the Rhone" Interpretation
"Lane in Public Garden" Interpretation
"Orchard Blossom" Interpretation
"See the Beauty in Everyone"
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Albert Smeraldo