Product Style Control

How it Works

With Product Style Control, Zazzle lets you choose how to best display your merchandise. If you have a specific design that only makes sense on certain product styles, you may want to consider limiting that design to those particular styles. For instance, a "Bride-to-be" shirt design might only make sense on ladies' tees, and a "Save the Earth" slogan might be more appropriate on a sustainable t-shirt. Same goes with a "Beer Pong Champ" design, which fits better on a beer stein than a coffee mug.

Here are some other product styles that you may want to consider when setting your product style controls:

  • Men's shirts
  • Women's shirts
  • Kids' shirts
  • Light or Dark apparel
  • Sustainable
  • Round magnets or buttons
  • Certain types of mugs

Here are a few more examples of product style options:

Product Style Dropdowns