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The Last Frontier, AK, Estados Unidos
Welcome to scrdbluecollectibles, here you will find unique & whimsical designed products for all ages young and old. We offer a wide range of note cards, greeting cards, clothing, drink ware & household items. We carry a select line of whimsical designed Christmas wildlife products which include custom postage, serving trays, t-shirts, ceramic & silver ornaments, wrapping paper, ribbon and greeting cards. Other collections include floral and nature designed items like fabric, mugs, garden aprons, mobile phone and laptop covers/cases. Need to re-decorate those walls with canvas prints or want that new tile or trivet for the kitchen? We carry those items also & many other personal items you use in daily life. The artwork for designing all these products comes from varied artists, and would not be possible without them. Especially artwork created by A. Sacred Fires (Alanna), which has captured the best in all of us...and show's what we are capable of doing from the heart. Her fine art works have garnished awards & highest acclaim from critics & the public alike. Born with a remarkable insight into nature's wildlife, this insight has fostered the artist's urge to portray them realistically & whimsically; coincidentally, Alanna is legally blind. For all our valued customers and new alike, we wish to say thank you for your business and continued patronage.
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