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Day Planner and Art Journaling Supplies
Style to Resemble Your Journey
Roanoke, Virginia, Estados Unidos
Here you will find creative additions for you day planner, scrapbooking, and journaling. From pens to zipper pouches, stationery kits to stickers you'll find all the styles that resemble your journey. Get matching pull charms, necklaces, and office supplies. Styles include: glitter, glamour, bling, kawaii, funny, and more! Our new collection included Romani inspired vardo and folk art, for the traveler spirit in you! Welcome: Resemble is a unique, hand drawn collection of digital art for use in your home creations of cardcrafting, scrapbooks, altered art boxes, journals, keepsakes, and paper crafting ideas. About me: I have planned for years to do something with my keepsakes that have memories and photographs. I hope to really get started on photojournaling, a keepsake treasure box, or some sort of scrapbooking album. I haven't decided yet what the best is for me, but might be sharing those on my blog. Along with some cardcrafting items. Sincerely, ~ May Have a question? Zazzle/Customer service: 1 (888) 892-9953 Or see this page: Don't Forget to check the daily Zazzle deals! See the coupon codes above this shops banner.
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Planner, Day Runner, and Art Journaling Supplies
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