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Art for NSR: National Samoyed Rescue
National Samoyed Rescue; Saving Samoyeds One Smile at a Time
Dewitt, MI
I am a volunteer artist (Designs by Lee) for the NSR--National Samoyed Rescue. You will find plenty of Samoyed images of course. But there will also be horses, crows, fantasy creatures,etc--a variety of gift choices to suit different preferences and passions of friends an family. I do illustrations of people's favorite pet photos too. That is fun for everyone I've met and worked with. But the bottom line, quite literally, is that all royalty money made from the purchase of these items goes directly to NSR. I do not make money making this art; it is my way of giving back to a breed I love by helping Samoyeds in need. So send me those pet photos and let's make something happen that makes us and our four-legged friends happy. The National Samoyed Rescue site is The National Samoyed Rescue is a 501(c)3
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Designs by Lee
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