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A Progressive Patriot
Patriotism doesn't require a gun, a dollar or a creed.
Keene, NH, Estados Unidos
A Progressive Patriot seeks to combat the idea that patriotism requires a devotion to military might, unfettered capitalism and a certain religion. Recently the ideals of reason and equal opportunity (not equal achievement, but equal opportunity) for all was dealt a harsh blow by the Trumpian politics of division, hatred and rejection of intellectualism. How was a movement that espouses the benefits of open thought and scientific methodology defeated by a movement that eschews these same principles? The reasons are deep and numerous, but ranking highly amongst them is the failure of the movement to bring a clear and concise message to the voters of America. In many ways it came down to the fact that the Progressive movement got bullied by the Trumpian conservatives. This store is my response to that mistake. Progressive Patriots believe that diplomacy is far more patriotic than militarism. We believe that it is possible to adapt the ideals of American capitalism in such a way that it ensures that the winners of the game can win without the losers (be they social, economic, or environmental) lying in destitution. We believe that a nation can be respectful of religion without allowing religious beliefs to dominate the rights of the individual. This is what we believe, now we must defend and advance those beliefs. In short, Progressive Patriots must wrestle the concept of patriotism from the conservative death grip one t-shirt or bumper sticker at a time. This is Our America, let us truly make it great ... for everyone. P.S. - The Progressive Patriot will donate at least 25% of profits to a number of charities that will empower those among us unable to fight on their own. The first two charities to receive donations will be the Sierra Club and the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU). If you would like to recommend a charity to add to our list please do so in the comment section.
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