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Seu Carrinho
Art that celebrates Simple Joys
Portland, OR, Estados Unidos
Hi there! My name is Marieke. I'm an artist, born and raised among windmills, but living in the Pacific Northwest, surrounded by the beautiful nature and mountains, for many years now. I work in a variety of media but my artwork has one common theme: I love the simple joys in life. Spending time with family and friends. Playing games with the kids. Creating art. Reading a good book. Going outdoors and appreciating the beautiful nature. Big trees. Flowers. Animals. It’s this love that comes through in my art and my designs. I like to communicate my ideas into joyful illustrations with modern, simple line drawings, often with a theme of love.
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Ice Skating Girl Figure Skater
Retro Daisy Flowers
Peace Love Heart USA Flag Symbol
Peace & Joy Hand Lettering Holiday
Love Tent Camping
Twin Cherries with Heart Shape
Snorkeling Swimming Yellow Fish
Midnight Forest with Trees Stars and Moon
Spring Green Leaf Heart on Soft Blue
Love Writing Pencil
Brown Smiling Sloth with Heart Nose
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