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Food allergy awareness gear.
Saratoga, CA, Estados Unidos
Food allergies can be scary. Here are some items that may be useful in your quest to keep you or your loved ones safe. I discovered my son was allergic to nuts at 18 months when he had an anaphylactic response to his first bite of peanut in a breakfast bar. Since then, I have done everything I can to keep him safe, including designing and using many of these products. We have found the luggage tags to be particularly useful for any bag, stroller, diaper bag, or school bag. We take the epi bags everywhere we go. I put in the diaper bag, my husband likes to clip to his belt loop, and we leave one at school. I also enjoy the t-shirts as a non-confronting way to notify individuals at the park or other public places. I am surprised at how much they are a conversation starter - subsequently giving me a nice way to educate others about food allergies. I hope you find something useful here and if you have any suggestions or additional items that would be useful, please let me know!
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