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Julianne Ososke Art & Designs
Exploring The World Through Color
Estados Unidos
I have been an artist my entire life, always drawing, painting or making something. A deep love of animals and nature has led me to create a series of works that depict the loving spirit and beauty of the world we all live in. Increasingly, over the years, it is the changing of the seasons that have captured my attention which has inspired me to paint the beauty that I see. I explore art programs like ArtRage, using digital brushes to paint with that affords me a full color wheel spectrum, from which I can choose a specific color. I can fashion subsequent brushstrokes more or less transparent, according to the need until the layering images emerge as I desire. The ipad gives me the flexibility to paint spontaneously anywhere. I just reach for the devise, turn it on, start mixing and matching the colors, laying in the evolving scene of how I see the world right then and there to share with you. My complete on-line galleries can be viewed on my website at: http// Thank you for visiting my store and do come back often to view new paintings.
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Julianne Ososke
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