Seu Carrinho
Graphic Design, Cosplay, Artist Alley, and Tiny Things
Hot Springs, NC
I go by my cosplay name "Nicholi (Nickle-eye)". I am somewhat of an mixed bag. I dabble in many different types of art, ranging from drawing, to digital painting, and sculpting. I do a lot of digital sticker design work (including traditional sketches). Lately I have branched into opening an shop after quite a few people on facebook reaching out to me that I needed an online store. *A Little Bit About Me* I grew up in Hot Springs, North Carolina, and recently graduated AB Tech with an Associates in Digital Media. During my time at college, I mostly self taught myself graphic design work and I am constantly learning new techniques to better my digital artwork. I am currently unemployed due to family issues that requires me to stay at home with my nephew. *How I Got Started in Art* I have always been an artistic child. Both of my parents have told me countless times that I had been born with a crayon in my hand. Ever since then, I have found myself constantly working with my hands from drawing to sculpting.
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