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Nautical Bits
Personalised Sailing Merchandise by Sailors for Sailors
Bordeaux, Aquitaine
NickyNoo is a Legend 41AC sailing yacht. As owners we have a love of sailing and we want to share our interest with you. was launched in July 2015 with that in mind, writing and talking about sailing remains it's primary goal. However we were aware there was a market for sailing related 'personalised' merchandise and products with a sailing theme. That's why we are here, to provide a range of products for the like-minded sailor. Welcome to Nautical Bits! We've set up a product portfolio from both a practical and a fun perspective. Items you will find useful when aboard and items that can be personalised with your boat name, crew members names or photos and images of your favourite sailing moments. We will also be including some of our own favourite sailing images and quotes.
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