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It's All About You
Web-based , Idaho, Estados Unidos
MyKindofLife® offers the casual apparel wearer, who wishes to express their individuality and show pride in their lifestyle and interests, clothing that does just that. MyKindofLife® provides clothing that expresses a personal declaration of the wearer’s passion and what makes their life unique. Unlike other apparel options that are more generic, and don't communicate personal ownership and have less opportunity for unique personalization, MyKindofLife® fills the gap. So here we are, MaryKay and Laura, two friends since grade school. Though our lives have taken us to different parts of the United States, we've always remained close in heart. But staying in touch through phone calls and text messages sometimes just wasn't enough so we decided to start a business together. MyKindofLife®, born of our desire to share the secret of life's happiness, (and having initials that fit nicely into place, MKoL) we started this brand clothing to symbolize and celebrate the uniqueness we all have. Wear the tagline that is all about you! That is what MyKindofLife® is all about! We all come from different backgrounds, but one thing is common....our life is special to us. So what is the secret of MyKindofLife®? It's you. It's what makes you happy, what brings laughter to your world, the little things that mean a lot. It's the moment you find yourself whispering, "Ahhh, this is my kind of life." So here we are, MaryKay and Laura, offering a unique trademarked brand, personalizing you with simple taglines. Lets get this party started! Thanks for visiting MyKindofLife®, MaryKay and Laura
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