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A little hope is a dangerous thing
Beaverton, Oregon
I got started here because I thought I was funnier than I actually was. In college I made fifty bucks selling funny slogans to a button company. Fast forward a few years and I had come up with a few more but I thought why not try and sell them myself. I may have started with the idea of selling funny slogans, but as I looked around and thought about it I saw that even someone of limited artistic skill could use modern tools in such a way to create some pretty attractive designs. So I gave it a shot and that led to the multiple abstract designs I have here on the store. If you see something you like, but it's not on the product you're looking for let me know and I'll make it up for you. Because you seem like a good kid and I like you.
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Black and Yellow Mosaic Pattern
Blue and White Swirl Spiral Design
Fourth of July Fireworks
Modern Black and Orange Abstract Design
Modern, Stylish, and Simple Design on Black Field
Multicolor Rainbow Confetti Mosaic Pattern
Multicolor Star Dot Pattern
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