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Seu Carrinho
Ms. Contrary: Artist
Creating art from the heart for the joy of sharing with others.
Lincoln, Nebraska
In 2009, I was given a point and shoot camera just in time to photograph a bunch of hollyhock volunteers (this means I didn't plant them, but they grew anyway) that took over my yard and garden. The flowers were gorgeous. Then I bought a Bamboo drawing pad. I quickly discovered my drawing style and the constraints of the pad had a serious conflict, but I fell in love with the software that came bundled with the pad. One thing led to another, and I opened my first store on Zazzle, then a series of stores, culminating in this one. MsContrary showcases my evolving artwork and vision, and is meant as a tie-in and main product feed for www.Contrary, and Ms.ContraryArtist on Facebook.
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Classy Clocks by Krystine Kercher
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