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MLML 50th Anniversary
Moss Landing, CA
Apparel and accessories for MLML alumni celebrating the 50th Anniversary in 2016. About Our Designers: Lynn McMasters was a graduate student in Phycology at MLML and then became the graphic artist / scientific illustrator. As a graduate student she was the artist on some of the earliest MLML T-shirt designs. Kirsten Carlson was a MLML student in the Benthic Lab. She graduated from the Science Illustration program (UCSC, now at CSUMB) and worked for a decade at Monterey Bay Aquarium creating illustrations, graphics and exhibits. She is currently artist-in-residence at Hawaii Institute of Marine Biology as a Science Communications expert. She also writes and illustrates stories for children and adults. Her “We Are Everywhere” design is a tribute to the fact that no matter where she travels on the planet, she seems to bump into MLMLers. Visit her website: Laurel Lam is a third year student at MLML in the Ichthyology Lab. She is researching life history variations in lingcod along the US west coast, and is most likely fishing right now.
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