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This artwork tells about the eternal dream of mankind: a journey to distant stars and galaxies. How can you use this thing? For presentation or animation film. For a fashion show with futuristic pretentious models of clothes, shoes and hats. Perhaps for a theatrical performance. Perhaps you are playing the role of Ilon Mask in the school scene and present a flight plan for Mars! This item is also suitable for use as decorations and / or decoration elements for theatrical performance or circus performance, interior decoration of premises (for example, you want to open a cafe on Jupiter or one of its satellites)! Perhaps this pictures will simply decorate your room as a wall calendar or poster, or you can use this image to create original stickers. For National aerospace or space agencies, observatories, planetariums or for astronomy lessons - as a visual aid on the search for extraterrestrial civilizations. At least you can just add this artwork to your personal collection!
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