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Kristas Photography Lincoln, Nebraska
My love is to take beautiful 4 season pictures that will last forever
Lincoln, Nebraska
Kristas Photography is all about the fun I have taking pictures of wonderful places and flowers and just the wonderful great outdoors And my cat Squeeks!!!! There are also a lot of SEASONAL ITEMS HERE ALSO, Calendars and coffee mugs and note/greeting cards ETC. I do love taking pictures. And designing products for all those to enjoy!!! I AM TRYING TO PROMOTE TRAVEL AND TOURISM TO THE GREAT STATE OF NEBRASKA AND TO THE LINCOLN, NEBRASKA AREA. You will see the Sunken Gardens here in Lincoln, and the wonderful Hamann Rose Garden here in Lincoln, Nebraska also. I also love to photograph the State Capital here in Lincoln also. And Pioneers Park here in Lincoln, Nebraska also. And James Arthur Vineyard outside of Raymond, NE, And a few other areas outside of Lincoln, Beatrice Nebraska has Homestead National Monument.
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Business Cards
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Mugs all sizes & Coasters plastic or Sandstone
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Krista Skarin
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