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Kristas Photography Lincoln, Nebraska
My love is to take beautiful 4 season pictures that will last forever
Lincoln, Nebraska
Kristas Photography is all about the fun I have taking pictures of wonderful places and flowers and just the wonderful great outdoors And my cat Squeeks!!!! I do love taking pictures. You will see the Sunken Gardens here in Lincoln, and the wonderful Hamann Rose Garden here in Lincoln, Nebraska also. I also love to photograph the State Capital here in Lincoln also. And there's Pioneers Park here in Lincoln, Nebraska also. And there's James Arthur Vineyard outside of Raymond, NE And a few other areas outside of Lincoln, Beatrice Nebraska has Homestead National Monument.And designing products for all those to enjoy!!!
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Mugs all sizes & Coasters plastic or Sandstone
Postage Stamps
return address labels
small return address labels
Sunken Gardens Postcards
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Krista Skarin
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