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Seu Carrinho
Add a pinch of sassy and a dash of sparkle and you can rule the world!
DEXTER, Michigan, Estados Unidos
Hi there! I have been creating art and graphics for a long time now. I have been told by numerous people I should sell my work. So here I am. I like to be original and help others show their own flair by being quirky and fun. I am a single mom and have an autistic daughter and working from home so that I can provide a more stable predictable life for her is a dream come true for me. I am a huge cat lover and sometimes get distracted and get caught chasing squirrels. I also have a son that is in college in the photography program and I look forward to also using some of his gorgeous pictures as well. Be sure to save me and share me and I thank you for supporting this goofy mom with a dream!
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