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JuJu's Place
Beautiful creative designs on products you'll love.
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I studied art and art history from an early age going on to experiment with apparel design, sculpture, painting, graphic design, and art therapy. I dedicated myself to apparel design and dressmaking for over 11 years. Then, in 2007 I started experimenting with photography as a jumping off place to start creating digital art on my computer. The response to my efforts was so positive I decided to pursue it seriously. In 2013, in answer to a prayer, I discovered Zazzle. I was looking for a way to create income without having to create the product myself. Zazzle proved to be so much fun I had to keep creating in my free time while still maintaining my day job. My store, jujusplace, has a large selection of products in a variety of styles. I've recently started using templates, so you will see that option available on many of my new products. I'm a creative and love to experiment with different types of design and vibrant color. If you see a design you love, but don't see it on the product you want, please feel free to contact me using the "Ask this Designer" link. As of October 2016, ten percent of the earnings from all my stores will go to organizations helping the homeless in the greater metropolitan area of Portland, Oregon. It's a problem that has concerned me for some time now and I want to do what I can to help. Just a reminder: The designs used on these Zazzle products are the property of the artist/designer and are copyright protected by law.
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