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A word - Eclectic!!!
New York, Estados Unidos
Gratitude - Merriam-Webster - defines it as - acknowledgment of having received something good from another. In this day and age with all the technological devices that get in the way of face to face conversation, it seems the ability to offer one another "Gratitude" continues to get lost in the shuffle. For each and every customer of jjhélène please know that we send a Resounding "Thank You" for your loyalty! If you have any question - do not hesitate to ask - we will get back to you asap! The work presented here is the result of a "Road-trip of Life." I have been a self-taught photographer since my early teens. As I went on to college I asked the Photography Professor what course I should begin with. He stated, "You have the eye. You do not need any courses. You just need to keep shooting!" So, that is what I have done with a passion. Mostly with film and I must say fighting digital. Here at jjhélène images will be from both film and digital. They will range from the 70's to present, from Buffalo, NY to Paris, France. You will find a plethora of subjects and numerous images within each subject. I hope as I grow my store with the pictorial story of what I have seen of this glorious world you will find something/s that intrigue you or remind you or just move you to want to have it or share it. So, please happy browsing, shopping, traveling, buying, and most of all - keep in touch! Sincerely, jjhélène
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Buffalo, New York
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joséphine jeanne hélène