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Soul stirring symmetry, patchwork, mandalas and geometric designs.
New Brunswick, Canadá
This store is about having fun with symmetry. Most items are customizable, you can change background color, add your own text or simply experiment with the image itself. Some years ago I started experimenting with digital kaleidoscope and tile making software. Although gifted with a very creative side, I was never trained in the arts, my husband and children would laugh at my hangman drawings when we played that game. (They’re natural born artists) Then out came our PCs and it’s many magical software to rescue me. I use many different programs to make images, trying out various textures, brushes and mediums as basic ingredients of the finished product. Having been trained in the scientific field and having a love of experimental research, I now realize you can do this with art! I continue experimenting with, also get a kick out of, making finished images look like materials you would find all around in the real world. Knitted wool for example, carved wood, jewels, steel, masonry, and other but my favorite is the knitted or weaved “look”. Having so much fun producing such a beautiful and fun “art” form, I ended up with thousands of images! In all consciousness, a “cause” (this store) was needed to continue producing more! So this shop’s humble beginnings came out of necessity. Now I’m having such fun producing “art” that’s appealing, to both my creative and analytical, experimenting side. Thank you Zazzle for starting and operating this wonderful site!
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