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Spiritual and Inspirational
Woodstock, Illinois
This is our 3rd store. Our main store is Luna's Love of Life Gifts and our second store is Kim's_Animals_Kingdom. This store will sell items with spiritual and inspirational merchandise. This is our way of spreading the love that God wants everyone to show each other. Our main store is dedicated to our Luna girl who is a golden retriever. We lost her at 6 years old to cancer. We will donate 10% net profit from our sales to the Morris Animal Foundation to the Golden Retriever Lifetime Study. It is dedicated to finding a cure for canine cancer. 60% goldens will get some form of cancer and this study is dedicated to finding out why the golden retriever is so susceptible to getting caner. We have a special canine cancer section at our main store and ALL NET PROFITS from this section will be donated to the Morris Animal Foundation
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