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Phoenixville, Pennsylvania, Estados Unidos
I See Hope was created to spread awareness for mental illness. When you buy an I See Hope product, the proceeds are donated to NAMI: National Alliance on Mental Illness. With every I See Hope product purchased, we bring hope to those struggling. We will end the stigma surrounding mental illness. The design is inspired by Rorschach's ink blot tests. In an ink blot test, you are supposed to find images within the ink that will be examined by a phsychologist to understand your personality characteristics and emotional functioning. I took some paint and wax paper and created the ink blot you see on the I See Hope products. The design is not supposed to be anything specific- it is whatever your mind sees. I came up with "I see hope" because through it all, hope will always be there. No matter how low your life is right now, no matter what you're dealing with, hope remains.
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