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Don't jump to conclusions. Verify and crosscheck trusted sources.
Texas, United States
Primary sources are always the best. It's when you actually watch, hear, or see the actual information that people tell stories about. It seems that everyone now just believes anything they see or hear on television or social media without questioning it. Don't jump to conclusions. Look at who is saying what. Find out where they get their information. Is the information from a trusted source? Even if it is, are you finding several trusted sources who are saying the same thing? If not, keep on going until you dig out the hard, raw truth. The ultimate primary source is the Holy Bible given to us as a gift, guidance, instruction, warning, advice and truth. "Share verses from Bible readings, Learn from the Word, Pray for wisdom, Accept admonishment (warnings, advice, discipline, constructive criticism) in order to Grow and Strengthen a personal WALK WITH GOD by using the Ultimate Instruction Self Help book...the Bible, which is written for ALL of us" ~jmc
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