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Seu Carrinho
inDetail Creative
Hand Lettering + Illustration
Ottawa, Ontario, Canadá
My name is Joanne T. Lauzon, and I am an artist. It took me more than forty years to consider—and call myself—an artist. I founded inDetail in 1992—a studio offering branding + publication design—and have worked with dozens of amazing clients, on hundreds of amazing projects. Along the way, life happened. Children came, priorities shifted and my world became more about doing what I love, and sharing the gifts given to me by the Universe. For me, this meant… Being an Artist. So here I am—proud of the journey which brought me to this moment, and the lessons I have learned along the way. Every situation in life is an opportunity to grow. That’s how I believe we can choose to enjoy every moment. When I’m not working with clients, teaching workshop participants, or playing with paints, pens and ink, you can find me goofing it up with my two boys or dancing in the kitchen to my favourite singer/songwriters. I am continually inspired by all forms of design + creativity, food + drink, photography + fun. Enjoy the collection of artwork presented here. It has been my absolute pleasure and joy creating every piece. Custom + collaborative work is always an option. I look forward to hearing from you.
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