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Hydrocephalus Association
Look good. Feel great. Raise awareness!
Bethesda, Maryland
If we had a nickel for every time someone said they've never heard of hydrocephalus, we would be able to fund limitless research into alternative treatments, preventions, and cure(s) for hydrocephalus. So, let's raise awareness about hydrocephalus while supporting the mission of the Hydrocephalus Association - to promote a cure for hydrocephalus and improve the lives of those affected by the condition. There are over 1 million Americans affected by hydrocephalus. There is no cure and the ONLY treatment requires brain surgery. It's time for our community to proudly raise awareness. We hope our designs make you feel empowered, happy, playful, proud, and strong. Email us new ideas. Learn more about hydrocephalus on our website. We are here to support our hydrocephalus community and to fund the research that will substantially change our lives for the better.
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