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Welcome to HorizonOfArt! This will be another Gift Gallery by OnassaDesign, with new Design ideas framed with an abstract Touch and unique colour and structure combinations ~ just OnassaDesign Style! Feel free to contact me, if you want a specific Design on a special product, I would be happy, to set it up for you! Visit also my Stores Onassa, MajoneArt and PurifyOurThoughts Thank you for stopping by~*Have a joyful day!
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Somebody Loves You Emotional Snowman
Cold Rigid Snowman Icedragon
Shabby Chic Hummingbird Flight
Christmas Glamour Fashion Santa Owl
Miss Extravagance Fall Fashion Owl
Crystallized Winter Fashion Owl
Hummingbird Flight Kaleidoscope
Blooming Spring Fantasy Tree
Tropical Fashion Queen Owl
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Happy Birthday Fun
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