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History Of Royal Women Shop
History comes alive through the eyes of royal women
The History of Royal Women Shop is for those who love reading and learning about history and the women who were a part of it.
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Anne Boleyn
Anne Neville
Anne of Bohemia
Anne of Cleves
Blessed Joan of Portugal
Catherine de' Medici
Catherine Howard
Catherine of Aragon
Catherine of Valois
Catherine Parr
Eleanor of Aquitaine
Eleanor of Provence
Elisabeth of Bavaria (Sisi)
Elisabeth of Hesse and by Rhine (1864–1918)
Elizabeth I
Elizabeth of York
Elizabeth Stuart
Elizabeth Woodville
Isabella I of Castile
Isabella of France
Isabella of Portugal
Isabella of Valois
Jane Seymour
Joan of Navarre
Margaret of Anjou
Margaret of Austria, Duchess of Savoy
Margaret of France, Queen of England
Margaret Tudor
Maria I of Portugal
Maria II of Portugal
Maria Theresa of Austria
Marie Antoinette of Austria
Marie de' Medici
Marie Thérèse of France
Mary I of England
Mary II of England
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