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Warm sentiments for a brighter tomorrow
Rhode Island, United States
Welcome to my Zazzle store! I have always lived in beautiful New England. The ever-changing seasons in this region are usually a major influence on what photos I take and what I decide to write about. I also have a quirky Boston terrier who tends to inspire me as well! The tagline on my website is Fictional Sentiments Inspired by Life. That really does sum it all up… I write stories and create designs based on what I’ve experienced and the nuggets of truth I’ve found and now carry with me. Just like each and every one of you, it is that journey that has shaped me into who I am today. I have been on my creative journey since my son passed away. Through taking pictures, writing and graphic design, I find it healing to combine positive words and images. It is my hope that these designs will bring a little bit of sunshine to someone else's day! I hope to learn something new every day and am always trying to see life from a positive perspective. Being creative makes me happy! My goal is to combine what I like to do: photography, writing and graphic design, to create some unique things. To learn more please visit the following:
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