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Florilla's Gift Shop
Art Is An Expression Of Our Inner Selves
Estados Unidos
Art is an expression of our inner selves - lose that and we lose our selves. - Hello - Welcome to Florilla's gift shop .... I try to live a fairly simple , uncomplicated life . I am for the most part self taught with a few art and photography classes. I have no certain type of style, there is no rhyme or reason - I just follow my heart for that particular day or moment. Most of my products can be easily personalized or customized by you I have compiled collections of my most popular designs : Be sure to check out " Florilla's giraffes ". Giraffes have become very popular these last few years. My collection of giraffes is sold exclusively through zazzle. It features various products with my unique looking giraffes on them: tote bags, greetings cards, gift bags, gift tags, pillows and wall posters. These giraffe products are fun for all ages and you will never grow tired of them. Who doesn't love summer and the sea ? My " shipwrecked " collection featuring unique and fun aquatic animals, anchors, shells and nautical striped patterns is sold exclusively through zazzle. I deliberately made my them look like they have taken on the structural remains of a wreckage. This collection features various products with my designs on them: purses, tote bags, greetings cards, gift tags, party invitations, party favor boxes, paper cups, napkins, gift wrap, pillows, wall posters, dinner plates, napkins and sneakers. I have also compiled a collection of my majestic angels which are by far my best sellers. My angel greeting cards and memorial ornaments have been sold and shipped all over the world. They are sold exclusively through zazzle. I have gotten many compliments on how beautiful my angels are and how they bring both joy and peace to those who receive them. Any questions please feel free to contact me via this site. Thank You for stopping by and purchasing my art work.
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