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Finding The Silver Sun
Finding the beauty in all things, the silver lining of life
Centennial, CO
For years people have been telling me that I could make money on my photography, and for years I didn't know how to do it; Etsy just isn't designed for photographers. I've always been a photographer, taking hundreds of pictures anywhere I went. My favorite method of photography is macro (extreme close-ups) photography because it is fun to see the minute details in the world. I primarily consider myself a macro nature photographer, but I just love to use my photography to show people the beauty in the world around us. Lately, I've also been experimenting with other art methods, such as Zentangle and painting. Art has become a way of coping with my chronic illnesses, and now I am hoping to use my art to help finance my medical treatments. My art is an attempt to showcase and add to the beauty in the world, and to add some brightness to the dark that can come with chronic illness. If my work makes you smile, even just a little, than I have succeeded in helping to make the world a brighter place!
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